Unveil your hidden potential to launch your personal brand regardless of that unavoidable glass ceiling

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

*how to unveil your hidden potential

*how to approach your launch with the right energy

*how to get back the time you want to live life your way


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Oz Simmons

Brazilian Jiu jitsu Black Belt

IT Specialist & Tech Support

June 5, 2024
6:00pm Pacific Time

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Vanessa Simmons is a dynamic entrepreneur and business coach renowned for her expertise in helping business owners navigate the complexities of launching and sustaining successful enterprises. Her journey began with her own experiences of overcoming significant internal and external challenges, which ignited her passion for assisting others in similar situations. Vanessa's unique approach combines practical business strategies with a deep focus on personal development, particularly emphasizing self-worth.

fulfilled life

This internal obstacle can be a significant barrier to success, leading to self-doubt and hesitation. Vanessa teaches that recognizing and affirming one's self-worth is crucial. She provides practical exercises and reflective practices designed to help entrepreneurs internalize their value. By doing so, they can approach their business with a stronger sense of purpose and determination. This foundational belief empowers business owners to set higher goals, take calculated risks, and persist through challenges, ultimately leading to greater success and fulfillment.

Vanessa A. Simmons

Wife. Mother.


Business Coach.


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